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About Renat U.

I’m a Senior UX/UI Designer certified by Google. I have come a long way from a simple Painting Artist to a Full-stack Web Developer, from the birth of Startups to their Collapse. I realized that my Love for creating interfaces did not leave me, and She carefully led me to you. Now this experience has become the core of my favorite profession!

I’m a T-Shaped Designer with 8+ years of relevant experience in User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Branding, interaction design, accessibility and web standards. Enthusiastic web professional motivated by challenging projects and deadlines. I have been working on the web and print media since 2008.



I am a UX product designer with years of experience in custom software development. I come up with any project in 15 minutes :). I know all the principles of building software, especially UX design (not just an artist), but a designer. I went from a simple artist through a Full-stack web developer to a Product Manager in start-up projects. I have gone from the birth of startups to their collapse. Participated in the design of Siberian CMS – App builder. Developed my own product that covers all technologies – YappiX CMS The Native mobile app builder. At the moment, I am helping to launch a project for the University of Illinois on the topic of AI voice control for Accessibility.

Today I completely redefined my purpose in life and moved into the field of UX/UI design. Google UX Certified. I am fond of building projects with AI and Accessibility for people with disabilities. I am drawn towards helping humanity through devices, saving attention, the benefit for a person based on balancing between busyness and monetization. I struggle with Dark-patterns in marketing.

I develop information architecture for invasive design projects, design user-flow, from Low-fidelity to High-fidelity prototyping. I do not disdain paper wireframes. I know the principles of the User-journey Map. I draw storyboards. I love creating MVP of a product, conducting research, post-launch research, testing hypotheses, empathizing with the user, and of course writing code in my free time in JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP.

I know frameworks: React, ionic, Nativescript, Angular, Zend, Laravel. I work in Adobe CC, Figma, Cinema 4D, MS Office 365, VSCode, PHP-Storm, GitHub, XCode

– Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center,
– Recipient of grants from scientific foundations,
– Passed several leading accelerators,
– Left the business for personal reasons,
– I know how to work with any team and easily gain trust,
– There are awards and certificates,
– I also know how to attract the attention of investors and funding rounds.

P.S. Since 2019, he was obsessed with moving to the United States, even received one of the most difficult talented O-1 visas, and today he decided to give his homeland one last chance: either to leave and benefit another state or stay here if I find a job. I understand that the economic situation is not easy and therefore I am not asking much, but with the expectation of an increase. My websites

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